Blog Origin

I started this Blog to create a running chronicle of the many adventures I expect to encounter during a trip focusing on Australia, New Zealand and Holland. The plan is to keep it updated every few days. Of course, this will only be possible when internet access is available.
(I plan to supply all images.)

The World Ultimate Club Championship tournament in Perth, Australia is the event that has started it all. The tournament lasts 10 days. I will be posting our daily results and some game commentary at the close of each day (I hope).

The team I’m playing with this year is called “One Last Ditch Shot At Glory” (O.L.D.S.A.G.); a “Masters” team. This designation means that everyone on the team has to be at least 32 years old. (It’s nice to be one of the younger players on a team for a change.) We are going into the tournament seeded #1 for the Masters Division and will face teams from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Japan, and the US. Unfortunately, teams from other countries dropped out of the tournament because of the expense involved with attending. There are also Women’s, Mixed, and Open (Men’s) Divisions. Combined, there are over 100 teams from around 20 nations participating. For more info on the tournament, you can check out the official tournament site.

Looking at a map, I figured that Perth was just about as far as I could get from Philadelphia, without leaving the planet. At that point, I decided that since I would be going all that way, it might be worth taking some time to check out Australia, and New Zealand (a place I’d always wondered about). Then I decided it would be good to visit some long-time friends who live in Holland. Hong Kong is a day or two layover along the way, which should be interesting. I return to the US from Amsterdam.

If you’ve got constructive suggestions or advice regarding any of these places, or travel in general, I’d love to hear them. So please feel free to comment.


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