Ultimate Trip Itinerary

Here’s the travel plan with tentative dates:
My 1st flight from DC leaves Nov 5th.
I’m scheduled to return Jan 11th.

    • Philadelphia – DC

(via car)

    • DC – NY (Nov 5th)
    • NY – Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong – Perth, Australia (Nov 7th)

(play tournament)
(tour around Australia)
(perhaps drop in on “Uncle” Bill Mollison in Tasmania)

    • Sydney – Aukland, NZ (Dec 15th)

(tour around New Zealand)

    • Aukland – Hong Kong (Dec 27th)

(get a tiny taste of Hong Kong)

    • Hong Kong – Amsterdam (Dec 29th)

(perhaps convince my sister to meet me in Amsterdam)
(visit long-time friends in Holland)

    • Amsterdam – DC (Jan 11th)
    • DC – Philadelphia

(via car)

If you’ve got any constructive comments or advice concerning any of these locations, please share them.



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