Wednesday & the last night under the lights…

Today consisted of wrapping up work for a few clients throughout the day, as well as coaching at school. Tomorrow promises more of the same.

Practice capped the day, and would be the last practice for me prior to take-off. Then I returned home to continue the process of de-clutterizing my apartment.

Here’s a picture of the attending team members; a first look at part of the cast of characters for the coming adventure.
The Last Practice Under the Lights
Front L – R: Clayton, Mike, Paul, Bruce, Dave;
Middle: Jim Brose, Tom, Thad, Chris, Steve Chang;
Back: JB(me), Scott, Andrew, Rick, Steve Wherry, Len, Brian;
Not shown (but will join us in Australia):

  • Billy (headed “down under” already)
  • Jim Viner (left practice early)
  • Jay (ill)
  • Kelly
  • Nacho
  • Spicer
  • Mark (out of the area)
  • Gian (out of the area)
  • Stick (out of the area)
  • Fish (out of the area)

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