Day One at WUCC 2006

Today was the first day of the tournament, and we did well.
The weather was sunny and dry with barely a breeze in the morning.
I’ll have to upload some photos of the fields. The grass is just short of perfect. The fields are flat, lined, and it’s llike running around on golf green, only much spongier, which is great for cleats. Some folks are wearing turfs, and that’s working for them too. Personally, I like the longer thinner cleats, and I’m sticking to the Gaias I received from Drexel.
First game was against the an Australian team, ’74 Flood.
We came out strong and took the first 5 points without allowing them to score. By half they had managed to score a couple, but we ran away from them during the second half as well, and the final score was something like 17-4.

Lunch was served in a huge athletic complex. Lasagne and salad, with baked potatoes.

True to the warnings, the wind picked up a bit in the afternoon making play a little more difficult, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.

The second game of the day was against one of the Japanese teams, VG.
It was a battle from the first point. We went back and forth with a couple breaks by both teams but they were up on us 6-4. We stormed back to take half 9-6 I believe. The first half we were forcing middle, but that wasn’t as successful as we would have liked. We started playing zone and zone transition on them with some success. Unfortunately, the turnovers and defensive plays we made were squandered by poor judgement, and we continued to trade points. As the sun was starting to get low in the sky, the game was time capped with the score at 14-10 and us in the lead. (note: In this tournament there is no hard time cap. Games are all to 17 with a hard cap to 19. the time cap of 100 minutes is a true soft cap. The game is played out to the high score +2 regardless of the time required.)
That meant that the game would play out to 16. Vigi took two points in a row to bring it to 14-12.
We got a bit fired up, and took the last two points to end it.
I expect that they will be in the final few teams with us.

It was a good day.
Tomorrow we’ve got two more games to play.


8 responses to “Day One at WUCC 2006

  1. Hello, Nice! , Goodluck with the ultimate in ultimate frisbee adventures! Remember to send a post card …
    (Eugene, OR)

  2. So after reading this, i’m wondering what the Japanese words for ‘pick’, ‘travel’, ‘foul’, etc are? Is english considered the international language during play?

  3. jb — best of luck down in perth, and i’m totally jealous. let me know if you catch mephisto playing at all — one of my teammates is playing with them and we practice against those guys all the time. hope all is well with you and that you have some great adventures trekking the globe.

  4. Kyle,
    in answer to your question…
    Yes, English is considered the international language regarding counts and calls on the field.

    I’ve seen one or two Mephisto shirts around, but haven’t bumped into too many. Remember, there are around 1700 players here. What’s your teammate’s name?

  5. oh wow…1700. that’s a lot, and more than i would’ve guessed. sam kennedy — tall with longish hair. and i guess that describes many people there… supposedly they’re doing pretty well so far, and by the sounds of it you guys are too. nice blog & good luck!

  6. congrats on the first big win, crucial – if you can’t be hanging out with drexel ultimate, obviously you’d better be winning!! much luck in the coming games.

  7. Sounds like everything is going well. Congratulations on the wins. Is the UF competition like soccer where they select the top two from each group to advance to the next group?
    Send photos when you get a chance.

  8. Yes make sure you send some photos to Drexel so we can get a chance to actually see you play for real and show it someone. Good luck with your final 2 games.

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