Top of the World

It’s Wednesday morning and the day looks like it’s going to be another warm and pleasant day with clouds that drift by revealling the sun that seems to be able to burn unprotected skin in a matter of minutes.
Billy, Jen, Len, Chris, and I have rented a car and made our way south to the southern coastal town of Walpole. Billy and Jen grabbed a room here at the local hostel, I’m in the dorm and Len and Chris went for more luxurious accomodations up the road as this is one of their last nights in Australia.
Yesterday’s most impressive activity was a climb to the top of the Bicentennial Tree, which served as a fire lookout post before airplanes took on that duty. treetower.jpg
Thick rebar spikes have been driven deep into the trunk in a climbing spiral that allows for an ascent to a dizzying platform, a few stories above the canopy of the forest. There was a wire mesh along the outside edge of the stakes, but nothing below. To give you an idea of what the climb was like, here’s a shot of Len making his way up to the lower platform. lenclimb.jpg
The top of the tower is a series of stacked platforms that rise a few stories above the top of the tree, connected by several rebar ladders. I did make it safely to the top, and back to earth in one piece. Here’s a view from the top.


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