Wine Country

We traveled into the wine country around Margaret River, visited a small chocolate factory (unfortunately, they didn’t give a tour of the facilities), and explored a few of the beaches.

Here’s a picture of Billy & Jen, Chris & Len, at a little cafe along the coast. That’s the Indian Ocean in the background.

At the hostel, I met Danah, a surfing instructor and professional snowboarder who spent half the year in Sydney, and half in California. We exchanged contact info and I told her I’d be hoping for a surfing lesson when I got to Sydney.


2 responses to “Wine Country

  1. Ok, I have got to get my butt to Australia if that is what the sky and the ocean look like. Who knew.

  2. The ocean looks like that when you are wearing polarizing sunglasses. The darker areas are either deep water, rocks, reef or seaweed. The lighter areas are sand. The water is really clear.

    The sky was too bright in the photo to show the color, so I darkened it in photoshop, and that’s the blue that showed up. It was just a quick photoshop job. Sorry.

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