Adelaide > Wilpena Pound (pd)

Here begins the drive across the space that is known as “the outback.”
Billy & Jen picked up the rental car, and we headed North. We stopped in Port Germain for a walk along the longest pier I’ve ever seen (1283 meters). It was about a mile to the end and back. The pier was so long because the beach was practically flat. A unique vehicle that looked like tractor on stilts drove out to haul in boats that couldn’t reach land. At about 1000m from shore the water was still only waist deep.
It was quite windy, and there were folks catching blue clawed crabs down near the end.
It was a nice walk, and felt like the last time we’d see water for a long time.

On the advice of Malcom, the hostel manager in Adelaide, we headed into the Flinders Ranges to the north and east of Port Augusta to see Wilpena Pound. The Pound is a geological formation that looks like a giant jagged edged bowl containing relatively green growth, sitting on a dry landscape. The only way to adequately get that on film is to take a picture from the air, although it sometimes feels like it, I didn’t pack my hot air balloon. We camped outside the bowl and hiked in the following day. Settlers in the 1800’s had put up a homestead and raised cattle, then wheat, then cattle again, until years of drought and overuse of the land forced them to leave.
Here is more info on Wilpena Pound along with aerial images.


2 responses to “Adelaide > Wilpena Pound (pd)

  1. A long walk on a long pier! Sounds like fun. Looking forward to updates from the outback!

  2. … better than a long walk on a short pier.

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