Kata Tjuta

Also known as The Olgas, this rock formation is about an hour’s drive from Uluru.  It consists of several large monoliths that have a totally different composition.  Rathern than a consistent sandstone, they are a conglomerate with boulders and cobble sized stones mixed into the matrix.  We got up before dawn and got to Kata Tjuta at sunrise, which was, like the day before, overcast.  The sun did eventually come out, and as a result, it got hot quickly.  We hiked through the Valley of the Winds,
then regrouped at the car around noon.
Then we drove to a different section of the formation ate a couple of PB & J sandwiches, and hiked up Gilga gorge.  We were followed by a group of Japanese tourists who decided that once at the narrow part of the gorge, yelling and shouting was the best way to appreciate the sacred space.

We hopped back in the car and headed back to the campsite to pack up and jump in the pool one last time before heading off to King’s Canyon.  The campground (King’s Creek Station) was located behind a gas station, and had a pool.  In addition, the place included camel and helicopter tour companies.  We weren’t interested in either of those, but the pool would be a bonus the next day.

The evening brought more thunderstorms, and we cooked by campstove under one of the picnic sheds.


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