Hong Kong > Amsterdam

I have no idea how long the flight was. I know that I left Hong Kong in the late morning, and arrived in Amsterdam after dinner, but there is also the time difference to consider.

We flew east along the north slope of the Himalayas, so I guess we must have been in Chinese airspace.

The settlements were amazing, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Terracing covered the mountains for miles. The terrace borders showed clearly against the snow. It was like flying over a topographic map in shades of white and brown.

Unfortunately the window I happened to be sitting in front of was very scratched and warped, so it was nearly impossible to get a clear photo, and due to heavy turbulence, everyone was confined to their seats. That meant I wasn’t able to get up and move to another window. There was a better window immediately in front of me, but that meant jamming the lens between the wall and the seat. You can see the results. (I’ll see if I can dig up a photo)

Not much of a view of the airport arriving in Amsterdam
Where to stay
sat for a bit in the airport
got on the train
found the tram
got off
got to the hostel
wandered around on foot, and found a pizza parlor open late, and had some pizza bathed in cigarette smoke.

Returned to Hostel to sleep.


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