Met Elizabeth in the morning and had a super fancy buffet breakfast at the American Hotel.

Went to dinner at an Indonesian place
Must have gotten bit by a spider / cockroach (possibly as early as Hong Kong).

Wandered around the streets of Amsterdam checking out the fireworks with Elizabeth.

Fireworks, large groups of people and alcohol aren’t really a good mix. I’m not a big fan of explosives at close range. Nervous system definitely on high alert. Real life war zones would suck; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Next morning swelled up and arm ached, inside of upper arm lymph node swollen.

Went to hospital and they gave me a prescription for antibiotics and some anti-histamines. We went and picked up antibiotics at a local pharmacy.

The next day went back to the hospital because arm more swollen, inside of upper arm now red and swollen, red track around outside of arm
If it gets worse by tomorrow, we’re going to admit you.
Blood work done, which came back normal aside from trace radioactivity (spidey-senses tingling yet?).
Gave me a sling

Next day went with Mijke to hospital in Nijmegen.
Swelling down.
(that’s it)


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