Crunch Time

I managed to roughly sketch out what I thought was a reasonable course to my destination using Adze (a terrific piece of shareware for editing .gpx files). The track I had roughed out was as follows:

— Day 1 —
Philly to New Hope, PA (have breakfast)
New Hope, PA to Port Jervis, NY (have lunch)
Port Jervis, NY to Sharon, CT (to camp)

— Day 2 —
Sharon, CT to Central Vermont (to visit my friend Jen)

— Day 3 —
Central Vermont to White Mountains (camping & hiking)

— Day 4 —
White Mountains to Coastal Maine

All of this made some crucial assumptions:
1) I would get an early start on Tuesday morning (I was hoping for a 7am departure).
2) I could manage 225-250 miles of track (as mapped) per day

Unfortunately, neither of these proved to be the case. At 7am I was still puzzling over setting up a tool kit for the bike. With various configurations attempted, I eventually settled on a 24″ piece of 3″ diameter PVC pipe plugged on both ends with pressure test plugs, but this wasn’t until I had tried several options with different diameter and length pipes. The 3″ gave me clearance at the back wheel, so I didn’t want to go any larger.

I packed everything into a small Zero suitcase, and a medium Timbuk2 messenger bag with the exception of the tent and Thermarest pad.

Here’s a shot of all of it together on the bike.

Bike Geared Up

This is the bike geared up. Zero suitcase, Timbuk2 bag, tent & Thermarest. Tool kit is the white PVC tube protruding from behind the side panel.

Settling on this setup took me until around three in the afternoon. It was a little bit like those times when you try to leave the house, then realize you forgot something, go back in the house to get it, run back down to the car to leave only to realize that there’s another thing that you forgot, only it was happening over and over again. By four o’clock I had given in and decided I would leave the next day. That would give me time to work out the finer points of the GPS tracks and navigation setup.


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