Day 2: Foggy Mountain through Jamaica via Country Roads

The morning was cool, and the sun was trying to burn through the morning fog when I left the motel. I made a quick stop at Lowes for a couple of locknuts & spare bolts to hold the tool kit in place, and a couple of packages of beef jerky that would sustain me through the day as I rushed to stay ahead of the storm.

The run through the Palisades was really cold (Note to self: ALWAYS bring the liner to the jacket even if you are also bringing a raincoat.), and the roads were damp from the thick fog shrouding the peak I went over on my way to the Bear Mtn bridge. I had planned on following 17a to 106 then north on Seven Lakes, but 106 was closed so I took 17 north to 6 then across the bridge. The ride along the Hudson (9d) was pretty and there were some nice views to be had.

Along the Hudson

View looking west across the Hudson River. A freight train runs the length of the opposite shore.

Beacon, NY was a really cool looking little town that deserves looking into at some point, but I was on a mission to stay ahead of the rain so I didn’t stop to check it out. In fact, I didn’t stop at all during the day except for gas (which doubled as mealtime with hunks of beef jerky washed down with water).

Pittsfield, MA was interesting because it didn’t feel big enough to be a city, and was too big to be a town, but it had grand buildings like museums and a city hall that seemed to indicate that it was striving to be something greater. Maybe there’s a college or university there that drives the economy.

Just south of the Mass-VT border I saw a sign for Natural Bridge State Park and decided to investigate. The sun had come out and the place was a pleasant little park. Even though the natural bridge only spanned about 10 feet, the 30-40 foot crevasse that the water had weathered through the marble was impressive. My photos with my iPhone really couldn’t do it justice, but from some angles the twists and turns of the tiny canyon reminded me of the abstract canyon forms in some areas of the desert southwest.


Heading north into Vermont I continued north via route 8 / 100 then east on 9 to pick up 100 north again. I probably should have just stuck with 100, and will next time, but it looked like it snaked south again, and I wanted to make sure that I stayed ahead of any possible rain. In addition, I had the hope that the AT would cross route 9 and I’d miraculously bump into Anna hiking south with her brothers.

100 is apparently well known as a road to ride, and rightly so. It wound its way through Green Mountain National Forest eventually passing through Jamaica. I couldn’t help but sing the reggae version of “Country Roads” as I sped along.

Eventually, I arrived in Windsor, VT and met up with Jen. While I unloaded and had a brief rest we discussed dinner options. The Harpoon Brewery has good food and I recommend the place. Afterwards we wandered through the Path of Life Garden which was really cool. I definitely recommend checking it out. We left as the mosquitos started attacking.


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