Day 3: Much Ado

The next morning it was raining so after consulting the weather radar we headed breakfast at the Hartland Diner (which used to be Stella’s), a great little breakfast/brunch joint. We sat at the counter and Jen ordered pancakes. When our food came I was faced with a deliciously large omelet and home fries. A chubby kid having breakfast with his dad a couple of stools down looked at my omelet and commented, “Good luck finishing that.”
To which I replied, “No problem. You’ll eventually learn this, but most folks will tell you that if you EVER get into an eating contest it’s the skinny guys you have to worry about.” The other folks at the counter chuckled a bit but seemed to nod in agreement.
I proceeded to eat all of my omelet, the home fries, as well as Jen’s order of home fries. He didn’t have a follow up comment, and I didn’t feel the need to say anything else except “That was yummy.” as we headed out the door.

Back at Jen’s house we started planning the camping trip again. In a couple of hours it looked like the rain was letting up so we packed everything up and headed out. She was driving and I was on my bike so that I could leave from the campsite to head east. About five minutes into the drive the sky starts to open up and it’s totally pouring. We pulled over and a practically toothless fellow came out of his house to check on us, whistling through his gums with every word.

We turned around and headed back.

Time for plan B.
The afternoon weather actually completely cleared up, but our get-up-and-go had already left so we headed into Dartmouth and had sushi then saw Joss Whedon’s adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. It was great. Two thumbs up for sure. Post movie we wandered into a record and poster store that was open really late and gawked at all of the cool stuff we weren’t interested in owning. It’s places like that that I kind of treat like museums. One poster caught my eye, and would be suitable for every high school teacher’s room.


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