Day 4: New Hampshire Wood

A quick breakfast and we headed out to the area just north of Squam Lake to do some hiking. It was nice to ride the bike without the bags on the back. We took the trail up Mount Percival then across to Mount Morgan and back down. The hiking guidebook said the loop would take five hours, and we did it in about 4 1/2.

View of Squam Lake

Looking South from Mt. Percival

We got the last spot at the Osceola Vista campground. There was some sort of Christian bicycle group there for the night, along with a group of collegate types cranking tunes and drinkin’ beers. Their musical taste started out the evening great, but slowly descended to some pretty low lows, but they quieted down at the prescribed time.

The fire proved to be difficult even after some neighbors brought over hot coals in a shovel to aid in our cause. Despite all of our best efforts the fire kept going out. Our conclusion was that the firewood we had purchased turned out to be fairly damp. NH wood is apparently nothing like Norwegian Wood.

“…billions and billions of stars…” ~ Carl Sagan

That was my goal for the evening, and they were all there (We counted every one). The Milky Way was obviously present so we stood around in the dark spotting satellites and shooting stars. I’d say we must have seen at least twenty shooting stars. One of those streaked and sputtered for a good second. It had to have been one of the longest I’d ever seen. I asked Jen if she knew when “that meteor shower that comes once a year” was, and she said she didn’t. Turned out that we were one day before the peak of the month long display known as the Perseids. Pays to be informed and plan ahead, but sometimes it pays to be lucky.


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