Day 6: Conifer Clearing and Canoe Landings

As promised, I spent some time clearing vegetation to maintain the view-shed over the water from the house. This involved getting rid of a sizable number of conifer limbs.

Getting to the usual launch point is a treacherous affair, down a steep path complete with small boulders and large cobbles in a tall grass hiding holes that will swallow a foot and the better part of a calf, certainly capable of breaking an ankle (especially when one is trying to haul a canoe or kayak down to the water). At the end of this path lies an extensive spread of mud (15-30 feet across depending on the tide) that has certainly already stolen its share of footwear from paddlers attempting to get from the cobbles and boulders to enough water to float in while maneuvering a boat and maintaining a grip on any paddle that they might hope to use once afloat.

I took a three-pronged approach here:
1) Cover the boulders with enough boughs to create a flat, somewhat predictable surface to walk on.
2) Use the boughs to create a mat strong enough to support weight far enough into the mudflat to avoid the need to get into the boat with a pound of mud attached to each foot, and with footwear still in place.
3) Clear the gently-sloping winding alternate path to the very useable flat rock outcropping that already exists on the property to illustrate how easy it would be to launch from there instead.

Despite repeated efforts, I couldn’t get anyone to look at the improved rock landing (which even had storage space for canoe and kayaks nearby). Ah, well. Next year.

Dinner was a delicious steak. Afterwards, I got an introduction to West Wing, which I had never watched when it was on.


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