Day 7: Mt. Battie & Pizza

A visit with my cousin was in order, and we decided to hike up Mount Battie. The views of the area (Camden and Penobscot Bay) are quite good, and getting the chance to hike a bit was appealing.

I borrowed my dad’s Subaru and headed off towards Camden. My cousin knew of a side entrance to the park along route 52 where we parked and began the hike with a dog, a nephew and a niece in tow. Although truth be told, keeping the nephew in sight was a difficult task at times due to his tendency to run well ahead, and the dog wanted to keep up with him which resulted in the dog towing my cousin up the mountain (and back down), so exactly who would be considered “in-tow” could certainly be disputed.

The view from the summit was incredible. The fog was so thick that seeing beyond fifty feet was challenging. Consequently, we concluded that we had reached the end of the world. An old stone tower erected at the summit provided a higher vantage point to see… well, more fog. All the same it was a fun hike through the woods both up and down, and it was good to get the chance to hang out with my cousin (something I don’t get the chance to do very often).


After the hike back down, we headed to my cousin’s house where my aunt and uncle met us and we all made pizza from scratch*. (My cousin has a bread machine.)

Despite an afternoon slice of pizza or two, I had enough room for a delicious steak dinner once back at the Salt Pond Čardak.


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