Day 8: Fire Engines, Lobsters and Kayaks (oh, my!)

My dad took me over to the fire station where he had been volunteering as an EMT for a few years. Met the Captain; got a chance to look at the inside of an ambulance (without having to get injured or pay a medical bill);

… and got a couple of photos of the engines that they’ve got in the garage.


That’s the original engine. Can’t remember how old it is

That’s all of the bells and whistles on the newer engine.
They recently received a grant for a system to handle the exhaust from vehicles that need to warm up in the garage before heading out into the Maine winter.

We dropped in on my dad’s wife at the library where she volunteers. I managed to refrain from buying a book from their sale. Not too much room on the bike.

We headed out to Miller’s for a delicious feast of lobster fresh off the boat.


It’s got to be the best place for lobster I know of.


To work off some of the butter soaked yumminess, we borrowed a kayak from the neighbors, and headed out toward the bay. It was a harrowing experience, but I managed to take a couple of shots with my phone (eek! deep water!).
Here’s a shot on the return journey with the neighbors’ house (red) at the top of the hill (complete with windmill).


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