Day 9: Maine Coast to Northern Vermont via Norway(?), Paris(?) & Berlin(?)

My original plan for the trip from Vermont was to hit all of the towns in the area that had surprising names; names that one would normally associate with far-flung and famous locales. The roads in central Maine aren’t exactly easy to navigate without a map or GPS device, due to the fact that they aren’t always very well labeled in real life, so I often found myself pulling off to the side of the road to check my location and adjusting course.
I did manage to make appearances in the following places however:

Welcome to Norway, ME (There's a KTM dealer here)

Welcome to Norway, ME (There’s a KTM dealer here)

…where there’s a KTM dealer! (Yes, it’s also a Yamaha dealer, but their showroom was half full of KTMs.) I stopped in and bought a small battery charger just in case.


almost Paris

almost Paris

Ok, so it was West Paris, but I couldn’t find Paris proper, despite a few loops down back roads in the area.

and who could forget Berlin?

Admittedly, none of these places were towns I had intended to spend much time, but who knows? There are probably some good eats around these parts if you know where to find them.

My day did take me through some scenic areas.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write down where this was taken, (and I had the GPS photo locator off) but if someone can ID this South facing vista that would be great. It was taken about a half an hour after I left Berlin headed west towards Stowe, VT. (The bike is pointed east because I made a U-turn to take the shot.)

If you know where this is, give a holler.

If you know where this is, give a holler.

Eventually, I made my way to my buddy’s house in Stowe.

We went out, had some great food at a local spot called Frida’s.

It feels really good to just shoot the shit about Life over the course of an afternoon and evening, doesn’t it? Gives one a sense of perspective, and perhaps a fresh outlook. (A comfy bed and a great meal also do wonders.)


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