Day 10: Dan Sparti breakfast in Stowe to Catskills

A gorgeous morning in Vermont, bodes well for today’s ride.

Morning in Stowe, VT

Morning in Stowe, VT

Dan Sparti and a hearty breakfast.

See you next time, man.

A quick stop in Moscow for a pic:


Then on to Amsterdam, with my sights set on the Western Catskills.

My route took me through some great country. I found a gas station in the middle of nowhere, and I was really glad it was there. The pumps were so old they had rolling numbers on the pump. I think the place was called Zack’s. He over billed me, but I wasn’t going to give him a hard time. I was just glad to have gas. Unfortunately, I was in a bit of a time crunch. I really wanted to get to the camp before sundown, and at a gas stop I spotted a fellow cyclist heading in the right direction with camping gear, and decided to follow him. Although he was on a smaller bike (a WR250R I believe) he was keeping a good pace through the twisties on the way to the camp.

I reached the campsite which was nestled in a small valley surrounded by steep ridges.
and set up my tent surrounded by fellow bikers before the sun went down.


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