Day 2: Port Jarvis to Cornwall, CT

The thunderstorm hit during the night, and the morning was sunny, and clear, but the radar and weather predictions gave me only a few hour window before the rain was going to arrive again. I packed up and headed down the road to stop at Walmart (ugh) for peaches and blueberries (for breakfast) and some Oberto* beef jerky for the road.

As a side note, I’d like to commend Oberto as a mainstream company for eliminating all of the added garbage that normally goes into jerky. Ever taken a look at a Beef Jerky label? It’s not pretty. Most companies add all sorts of stuff ranging from preservatives (uh, isn’t the whole purpose of making jerky to preserve it? I mean, that’s why jerky was invented.) to MSG to artificial flavorings. Oberto, a brand that’s typically as widely available as any other brand, has gone back to the roots of jerky, so I just want to give a shout out to them for NOT adding stuff that’s not food, to our food. Good Job.

Ok, back to the story at hand… After filling up my water bottles, chowing down on two peaches, and about two cups of blueberries, I was ready to go. Unfortunately, the bike wasn’t. The use of the GPS on the new battery yesterday had drained the battery significantly, and despite starting a few minutes earlier, I didn’t have any luck trying to kick start the bike. So, I unloaded everything from the bike, and retrieved the extra battery (from last year) from inside the lower case wrapped in plastic wrap. (Thanks Adina!) I swapped out the battery, then reloaded and secured everything back on the bike. After a couple of kicks the bike started up, I filled up the gas tank, and headed out, now significantly later than I had planned. (This seems to be a theme.) I was now quite worried about the storm reported to be heading in from the west behind me. Hopefully I could stay ahead of it.

I planned the trip budgeting roughly 250km (about 150 miles) per day. This has turned out to be a good pace for me. It allows a reasonable start time, and I can average about 30mph over the course of the day, and still make it to my destination before the sun starts thinking about heading towards the horizon. Another useful aspect of picking 150 miles has to do with fuel. The bike will go over 170 miles on a full tank before I have to switch to reserve, but I’ve never actually tested the limit. I always fill up around 120-150 miles and it takes around 3 gallons. I think the tank holds 4.2 gallons. It’s an Acerbis oversized tank so it holds more than the stock tank.

With a full tank and a sense of urgency I diligently followed the track before me. The area south and west of Bear Mountain Bridge from NY into CT is gorgeous. No photos that I could have taken with my phone could do it justice. At the same time, I’m really bummed I didn’t stop to take some. Next time.

Part of the TET took me through a neighborhood that was apparently in some sort of political battle over its dirt roads.

I did take a little side journey and visit Edward R. Murrow park in Pauling, NY . Edward R. Murrow was the journalist who stood up to the demagogic Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s. Watch Good Night, and Good luck. for a dramatic portrayal of the story. The Edward R. Murrow Award recognizes outstanding achievement in electronic journalism. If only the journalists of today had the same integrity and were less influenced by their corporate owners.

Ok, back to the ride… I continued to work my way North until I reached Cornwall, CT.


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