Day 4: Conway, MA to Windsor, VT

Leaving my hosts in the morning I went to visit (_______) for breakfast and to visit their Bridge of Flowers. It was originally a trolley bridge, but has since been updated structurally, and is home to an impressive ornamental garden.
Back into the woods after breakfast. Once I crossed into Vermont it was quite evident. Vermont takes very good care of their unpaved forest and mountain roads. At one point I came around a corner to discover that a work crew had been re-graveling a stretch and the whole road suddenly changed into deep loose gravel. I locked up the rear wheel briefly but managed to keep the bike upright and bring it to a stop without incident. I rolled into Windsor in the late afternoon and met up with Jen. We hiked around a local pond, went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Dartmouth, and saw a Joss Whedon adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Post movie we checked out a local movie/music/poster shop that had some pretty clever items.


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