Here are the trips I have chronicled so far:

– Philly to Maine via the Trans-Eastern Trail 2014
Very similar plan to the 2013 trip, only this time I tried to stick to the Trans-Eastern Trail (TET) for the entire road northwards, but no group ride in the Catskills on the road south.

** Note: I’ve recently started filling details from this trip in. Progress may be slow and non-linear since I have to reconstruct the trip from memory and from photos that I took with my phone. Posts will likely start as skeletal sketches then flesh out to full posts. **

– Philadelphia to Coastal Maine 2013
This trip originated because I promised to help my dad’s wife clear some brush on their property on the coast of Maine. I made the trip via motorcycle and visited friends in Vermont, camped in the White Mountains, and did a weekend of off-road riding in the Catskills with a group of fellow ADV riders.

– World Ultimate Championships 2010 Prague, Czech Republic
In 2010 O.L.D.S.A.G. once again traveled to the World Championships; this time it was in Prague, Czech Republic. This trip hasn’t been chronicled yet, but I put it in here as a reminder to do so. I should be able to at least post some photos.

– World Ultimate Championships 2006 Perth, Australia
This trip originated because One Last Ditch Shot At Glory (O.L.D.S.A.G.) qualified for the World Ultimate Championships in Perth, Australia. Getting there and just turning around to come home after the tournament seemed like an incredible waste, so I extended the journey to an around-the-world trip mostly focusing on Australia and New Zealand, with a visit with friends and family in Holland thrown in for good measure.


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